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Child Victim Identification and rescue Network

A little background on this project:  The Maine State Police Computer Crimes Unit (MSPCCU) has done an excellent job prosecuting people who have created, possessed or disseminated images and videos of child exploitation. 
A number of years ago the Unit started to work
identifying, locating and rescuing some of the children who are being abused in these pictures and videos.
Again the Unit met with great success breaking national and international exploitation series that had been open for years.  The Unit caused 26 children to be rescued.  These cases were scattered across the county including Georgia, Maryland, Michigan, Florida, Texas and even in Canada.  Children were rescued and abusers are serving incredible jail terms.  In one case James "Bart" Huskey of Georgia is serving 70 years. As the backlog of Maine cases grew at the MSPCCU team members were able to spend less time pursuing this initiative
. Today the work is going virtually untouched. The goal of this nonprofit will be to get this initative rolling again and even take it to the next level. We plan to have a small Unit that is affiliated with a law enforcement agency that’s sole purpose will be to continue looking for these children.   This event will provide the funds necessary to get this project off the ground!

Even if you cant play we could really use some donations to get our Child Victim Identification and Rescue Network going

Since we don't have our non profit status yet, you cant write it off, but every little bit helps!