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Ultimate Mammal Game Competitions


    These are 5 hour Field Day type events and are for all ages. Every participant gets  a             trophy, medal or ribbons. Our first event:                                                      and

    proceeds will go to the: 

How a U.M.G. Tournament works:

First, everyone must pre-register with their name and age.

Registration is only $20.00

Divisions will be ages 5 to 14 and an open class for everyone else including adults.  Each age will have its own class so people will be competing just against other people their own age until age 14.  Ages 15 and up will be one class.

We would like to see kids wear their favorite mammal costume to the event

Off duty police officers, EMTs, coaches, local athletes and others will be organizing and refereeing the tournament

All contestans will need to be at the  location 15 minutes prior to the start of the event. 

Participants will be drawn at random to compete in two events, one physical and one mental.  They will receive a blue ribbon for a win and a red ribbon for a loss

Each blue ribbon is worth one point and cumulative scores will be kept throughout the day

For Each age group:

1st place is a nice U.M.G trophy

2nd through 4th place will receive medals

some events will have more than two people drawn so the person you are competing against in one round may be your teammate in the next

we will cycle through these short contests as many times as we can within the allotted time.

To see what games we will be playing click                      

Ultimate Mammal Game competitions